Types of Limos

Finding limos is actually quite easy but for a fun and safe time, it comes down to choosing a reputable limo company and the right type of vehicle. Limos come in a variety of models, sizes, and styles so people need to consider the need and budget. As a part of choosing, the individual should take into account the people that would be riding in the limo and how far the trip would be. Limousine include vehicles such as:

? Hummer – Hummers can accommodate up to 24 people. Some of the more common amenities include mirrored ceiling, DVD player, video game console, several flat screen televisions, and a champagne bar.

? Lincoln – Lincolns are luxurious and versatile. In addition to these cars being designed with full steel extension with front and rear suspension for the ultimate in safety, they also include features such as hands-free income, command center consoles, rubbish chute, plush carpeting, stereo, champagne cooler, and vanity, reading, dome, floor, and halo lighting.

? Party Bus – Party busses are a type of limo that is super stretched and created specifically to accommodate up to 44 people.

The party bus often comes with a dance pole and host who provides service to the people onboard. Commonly, party busses are used for bachelorette or bachelor parties, weddings, city tours, proms, and casino trips.

? Luxury Sedan – Limos under the luxury sedan category include a Cadillac or Town Car. These cars are used for romantic nights on the town, business people flying into town, or discreet travelers that appreciate luxury.

? Stretch – The stretch is the most common type of limos. Used for a variety of venues, stretch limos are comfortable, designed to seat up to 14 people, and available in several vehicle types to include the Hummer, Escalade, Deville, Excursion, Lincoln Town Car, and even Party Busses.

? SUV – Limos in the SUV category are often used for groups of friends taking a short trip or for parents with children in that they are roomy and feature tons of amenities like oversize baby seat hooks, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wireless DVD headphones.

? Miscellaneous – In addition to traditional styles of limousines, people can also choose something unique.
o Stretch Volkswagen Beetle
o 1937 Cadillac
o 1963 Bentley
o Corvette
o F-350
o 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V

Along with choosing a reputable limo company and the right vehicle, people looking at limos should also consider some helpful tips to make sure they get quality. For instance, it is imperative to book as early as possible to ensure the vehicle of choice is secured and for the dates needed. For instance, if a limo would be rented for a prom, the longer a person waits to book the less selection he or she would have.

People should do research on various companies that rent limos, looking at the fleet vehicles available, pricing, guarantees, history, support, and any special terms and conditions. In fact, people can also conduct a search through the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org, making sure the companies of interest do not have any unresolved claims against them or numerous complaints.

Finally, people considering limos should ask about amenities and insurance. While different companies offer different amenities and these would vary for the types of cars being considered, most offer color television, DVD player, fiber optic lighting, GPS, champagne, leather interior, crystal glassware, privacy patricians, cell phones, and wraparound seating.

Companies renting limos in Atlanta should also be licensed and fully insured, with a minimum of .5 million per vehicle. Asking this information is allowed and the consumer’s responsibility to identify. You can find out what you need to know about the top limousines companies in Atlanta by checking them out on LocalPrice where cost of limos and other important factors are reviewed. Renting a limousine can be easy with a little bit of research and the right company.

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