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Bandwidth and uptime play a major role in deciding which web hosting company and SEO web hosting package to choose for your company. It again includes the number of C Class IPs offered to the customer along with the type of server assigned to the respective IPs of those particular domains.

Being a wise shopper you have to keep keen interest in the functional details of the service being offered to you with each SEO Hosting package.

SEO Hosting packages are of the following types Shared SEO Hosting, Dedicated C Class IP, VPS or Dedicated Servers and Reseller SEO. Basically the packages are classified as follows in terms of their service and priced accordingly.

Shared SEO Hosting is very popular as well as a value for money option who doesn’t want to get involved in maintaining a server themselves among all the SEO Hosting Packages.

Here the server is connected to the internet. All of its clients get different slot s in various partitions on the single server. Most people think shared hosting can’t maintain the privacy of their website but that’s totally wrong. Shared hosting doesn’t share your information, only the server is shared.

Dedicated C Class IP is the second type of SEO Hosting Package we are just taking into consideration.  Here down time seizes to zero when you register your domain with Dedicated C Class IP hosting. This kind of package costs a little more than shared IP hosting. But the extra amount paid is worth of, as you make your website rank better in the top search engines.

In case of Reseller SEO hosting Packages the customer has some added privileges in terms of choosing the best of SEO Hosting Package.

If a webmaster needs to resell the hosting services, he doesn’t have the authorization to sell the total services provided to him. When a customer is having a reseller account with him he can tread a specific amount of disk space and bandwidth. He would be able to sell limited services to his own customers. He doesn’t need to rent a server with whom he has a reseller account. Reselling is just as in real world, buying and then selling the products bought to a third party. The profit one gains from this type of package is mostly from the third party.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Servers is the last type of WEB Hosting Package. These Shared SEO Hosts also implement web based control panels such as the C panel for the sake of their clients. Using c Panel the host can even afford easy to access interfaces for your customers. It combines the functionality of Shared as well as Dedicated Web Hosting Package.

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